Workplace Positive (WP) provides coaching consulting, and training services to reasonably-sized businesses who wish to boost positivity and profitability. 



Professional coaching for executives, managers, key employees and teams.

Our approach to coaching is simple and based on the globally-accepted standards of the International Coach Federation: we engage in powerful conversation to facilitate new learning, increased motivation, and forward progress.  Executive coaching helps strong leaders and teams identify meaningful goals and reach them.

Coaching from WP is designed for leaders and teams who are strong and would like to improve; it is not for troubled employees.


Individual Coaching

Coaching is an ideal investment in leaders and key contributors whose influence is vital to the success of the company -- not only in terms of decisions and results, but in terms of culture, attitude, and motivation.

You need a coach when you've been working hard every day and need to look up, look around, and get reacquainted with who you are, why you're here, where you're headed, and what you have to contribute.  Coaching is not therapy or psycho-babble, it's a proven method for bringing out the best you have to offer.

The results you can expect from one-on-one coaching:

  • Clarity - who you are, where you're headed, what you want
  • Confidence - making it, not faking it
  • Balance - bringing life back into work and the rest of life

A typical one-on-one coaching package is for six months with a cost of $4500.

Team Coaching

A lot of your organization's best work happens in teams and because of teams.  This coaching service is designed to boost a team's ability to work well together.

A team coaching engagement starts with a full-day coaching session followed by three months of follow up coaching (team and one-on-one) designed to turn new awareness into practical change. 

The results you can expect include:

  • Trust - the foundation of all high-performing teams
  • Alignment - clarity of what the team is about and how each team member best contributes
  • Health - healthy teams generate healthy results

Team coaching is best suited for teams of 4 to 12 persons and costs $7500. 


Interventions to help move your workplace toward positivity.

Organizational Alignment

The biggest competitive advantage your company can have is organizational health, that powerful and positive condition that occurs when your leadership team is strong, you're clear on where you're headed, and everyone is on board and rowing in the same direction.

Yes, organizational health is awesome, but it's also rare.  If you company's leadership is ready to get serious about organizational health, we're here to help. 

Becoming a Preferred Place to Work

Why would people want to work for you?  To be a preferred place of employment, you must have the four P's: pay, perks, positive people, and purpose.  Okay, that's kind of five P's, but who's counting?  Preferred employers spend less on recruiting, experience less turnover, and gain a market edge because of their reputation. 

Using employee surveys and research into industry best practices, WP will help you identify the ways your company can become a preferred place to work.


Hiring Top Performers

When you are hiring a new team member you want to get it right (and so do they).  The Top Performer Profile is a pre-employment hiring system that allows you to consistently hire employees with the same core values as your current top performers.  When you hire people who are wired to do well, they bring their truest self to work and actually find work to be a meaningful and rewarding experience, which boosts productivity, reduces turnover, and contributes to a positive work environment for all.


Training that increases knowledge, skill, and results.

Our approach to training is based on adult learning theory.  Adults do not learn through data dumps, but by taking in new content, chewing on it, trying it out, and then reconsidering it.  They learn best when treated with respect, when allowed to contribute to the learning process, and when having fun.

WP offers training in the areas of leadership, management, and team development.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This two-day workshop is an ideal way to (re)introduce your key players to the benefits that come from maturing into an interdependent person.


Working Better Together

This workshop is designed for teams of 3 to 15 people in order to build trust, improve alignment, and help team members make the most of what each team member has to offer. 

The workshop utilizes three proven assessments to help each team member know him/herself better and know what every other team member has to offer. 

The Coaching Manager

Managers come in all sizes and shapes: the big boss, the meek mouse, the class clown, and this list could go on.  The most effective manages are those who intentionally draw out the very best that each person has to offer.

This two-day workshop hones five of your managers' key coaching skills: listening, asking powerful questions, direct communication, creating awareness, and designing actions.  The result is a manager who can influence without trying to control, who can help employees take responsibility, and generate positive results all around.

The Leadership Challenge

Based on the classic book from Kouzes and Posner, this two-day workshop will help leaders and managers learn the five practices of exemplary leadership and how to put those practices into play in their own leadership.

The workshop includes the powerful LPI 360 assessment to help leaders know exactly how they are doing and what needs to change in order for them to improve their leadership and create meaningful results.